HG-1 PRIME Hand Grinder

The HG-1 PRIME is our latest model in hand operated 83mm conical burr grinders for espresso or pour over coffee preparation.

The original HG-1 was designed by Craig Lyn & Paul Nahhas and the PRIME is the next step in the evolution of a tried and true design. The HG-1 PRIME features all of the improvements that you need, and none of the ones you don’t. 

  • 2.5:1 gear ratio for easier grinding.
  • Diminutive form factor (310mm | 12.5″ height). Easily fits underneath just about every kitchen cabinet. 
  • Light weight of (5kg or 11lb). Lift the grinder with one hand.
  • Bundled with a choice of 3 distribution containers: Blind Tumbler, Espresso Shaker Funnel I or II for an added discount. 
  • Better, shorter shaft design with improved tolerances and runout
  • Extend lever arm for improved mechanical advantage.
  • New base centers the Tumbler or Shaker directly underneath the grinder.
  • Surface or Screw mountable for the easiest grind in town.
  • Ships with Mazzer 83mm burrs.
  • All stainless steel hardware.

Incredibly well crafted and with features that can’t be found anywhere else, the HG-1 PRIME will be with you for a lifetime.