Designed to be easy to care for, the HG-1 PRIME requires little maintenance to be kept in top condition.


We recommend giving the HG -1 PRIME a quick cleaning after every use. And while we’ve designed the PRIME to retain as little grounds as possible, there will still be a small amount of residue left behind after grinding. By brushing out any leftover grounds in the grinding chamber and on the surface of the conical burr sets, you can ensure that your next espresso will be as good as your last.

Cleaning the HG-1 grinder

Annual Maintenance

Your general maintenance routine is equally simple. Even for the most fastidious, the HG-1 PRIME only requires a yearly check up. With just two parts that require servicing, and with each routine taking only twenty minutes, you can spend your time doing more important things in your already busy life.

The only tool required is a 1.5mm metric hex key and a small amount of food grade lubricant such as Super Lube.

Please refer to our service pages for more information.

Cleaning and servicing the miter gears

Cleaning and servicing the burr mount

Adjusting Burr Alignment

The HG-1 PRIME has alignment mechanisms that allow for home user adjustments.

Adjusting alignment HG-1 PRIME

Changing Burr Sets

The 83mm burr set has been rated by the manufacturer for over 8,000 kg of coffee. On the rare occasion when the burrs become dull, our directions for replacing the burrs on your HG-1 grinder.

Changing burr set


On the rare occasion when something goes wrong, how to diagnose and repair the problem.

Troubleshooting the HG-1