Heirloom quality construction

As a society we take more than we need, live for today rather than tomorrow, and throw away more than we keep. Today’s pace of technology perpetuates a cycle of obsolescence that encourages wasteful behavior. We want to break this cycle.

Decades ago, when I landed a job at George Lucas’ Industrial Light + Magic, and started to feel more like an adult, I realized the time for cinder block and two-by-four bookshelves was over. I decided to buy my first real piece of furniture and wanted something special. Having always been a fan of mid-century design, the Eames Lounge Chair was the perfect choice. At the time it was a stretch to pay for, and even now I’d have to think twice. But back then I knew I was buying something that was going to last, and even today it’s still sitting in my living room.

The Eames chair is beautifully made, the craftsmanship impeccable, and extremely comfortable. This chair has circled the globe twice, moved houses more times than I can remember, and still remains in fantastic condition. It’s had a few knocks and scratches along the way, but that’s the patina that makes it special. Given the choice, I would never trade it in for a new one.

I’ve rocked both my newborn son and daughter to sleep in this chair, and know that someday they will do the same. Like the Eames chair, we hope to build something you would be proud to hand down to the next generation.

Build Quality

The HG-1 frame is constructed of three quarter inch thick 6061 T6 aluminum plates that are sandblasted and anodized to provide a tough outer shell. Hardened steel gears on stainless steel shafts connect an eight and a half inch diameter flywheel to the conical grinding burrs. The CNC milled burr assembly and gear housing, along with four industrial grade sealed bearings, ensure precise alignment of the grinding elements.

There is no motor to burn out or which requires servicing. The power comes from you.

We’ve also designed the HG-1 to be easily serviced by the end user. Our grinder uses standard off the shelf parts that are easily sourced and readily available.

Everything breaks eventually. We designed our grinder so that it is easy to fix.

We’ve built the HG-1 to last.