Blind Tumbler


Grinding & redistribution funnel.

Designed to let the user re-distribute the grounds before tamping. Grind directly into the Blind Tumbler then give the grounds a quick stir in order to achieve a homogeneous puck. Once the grounds are re-distributed and the volume of the coffee is reduced to fit into your basket, place the Blind Tumbler on top of your portafilter, pull the plug, tamp and pull.


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Blind Tumbler

With a set of ridges on the bottom, the Blind Tumbler is made to rest easily on top of your portafilter supporting interior diameter basket sizes ranging from 49 up to 59mm, and anywhere in between. To see if your portafilter will work with our Blind Tumbler, measure the inside diameter (the widest distance across) of your basket with a ruler or pair of calipers. If that measurement falls between the numbers in the diagram, the Blind Tumbler will fit.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in