Espresso Shaker Funnel II

Coffee Ground Redistribution Funnel For 49mm up to 58mm Portafilter Baskets

The Espresso Shaker Funnel II is the coffee ground redistribution tool designed for portafilter basket sizes ranging from 49mm up to 58mm. The ESF II is compatible with home user portafilters such as Olympia Cremina, La Pavoni and Elektra Microcasa up to the commercial sized La Marzocco 58mm baskets. 

The ESF II uses the same workflow process as the ESF I. Grind directly into the funnel, then cover and shake the vessel to redistribute the grounds. A sharp tap on the counter before removing the top, releases any grounds stuck to the sides or lid. The ESF II utilizes a smaller plug opening to accommodate smaller basket sizes. 

The ESF II is intended for baristas with smaller porftafilter baskets or with multiple machines and portafilter sizes. When used with the larger 58mm baskets, the grounds will accumulate in the center of the basket after pulling the plug. For customers with a single 58mm portafilter basket, we recommend the ESF I.

The Espresso Shaker Funnel evolved from our Classic Blind Tumbler which was originally designed for the HG-1 Grinder. The ESF is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, then anodized for a protective finish. We recommend wiping with a damp cloth for cleaning. This product is not dishwasher safe; discoloration will occur.

For professional baristas using our products in competition, please contact us for preferential pricing.


We’re happy to offer three different tools for coffee ground distribution. The Espresso Shaker Funnel I for 58mm baskets. The Espresso Shaker Funnel II for 49mm to 58mm baskets. And the venerable Blind Tumbler for 49mm to 58mm baskets for those who wish to stir, not shake.