Service Update:

We’ve had some isolated reports from our customers of the HG-1 2012 model of being unable to turn the burr mount backward or forward, and reporting that it has become seized or frozen. If you’re experiencing this issue, there might be two causes, and fortunately both are simple to diagnose and remedy.



Symptom: the burr mount does not move clockwise or counter clockwise.

Cause: when grinding for the first time, the burr lock knob isn’t screwed down tight enough, and the burr mount slips to the zero position.

Diagnose: The inner and outer burr are touching. Remove the lower funnel and inspect the inner and outer burr.


  1. Unscrew and remove the burr lock knob entirely from the grinder.
  2. Rotate the flywheel counter clockwise, while turning the burr mount counter clockwise.
  3. The burr mount should come free.

high pitch squeal at end of a grind

Symptom: squealing noise coming from the burrs at the end of a grind. Does not occur when grinding or when beans have cleared the grinder.

Cause: at the end of a grind, any remaining grounds / chaff / beans / residue gets caught between the inner and outer burr. This residue takes a little while to clear, and as a result, it causes intermediate contact between the inner and outer burr. This contact causes vibration, which is akin to rubbing your finger around the rim of a wine glass. Since the inner burr is mounted on a long stainless shaft, the entire machine acts like a tuning fork and vibrates.

Diagnose: high pitched resonating sound coming from the grinder.

Solution: the noise will disappear as the burrs gradually become broken in. It is also dependent on, temperature and humidity.