Surface Mounting the HG-1 Prime grinder

With it’s diminutive size, the HG-1 PRIME can easily fit under just about every kitchen cabinet. For the easiest grind in town, we recommend surface mounting the grinder to your counter top.

Find a good location.

When mounting the grinder on a counter top, leave enough room in front of the grinder to work. 20 cm (8 in) from the front edge of the grinder to the edge of the counter top is a good starting point. Tape off the corners of the grinder with masking tape, to use as a reference marks, prior to mounting. Throughly clean the counter top and let dry before continuing.

Remove silicone pad.

Remove the Lower Funnel. Turn the grinder on the side, placing it on a dishtowel or soft rag. Hold the Top Funnel while tilting the grinder to prevent it from falling off. Peel back and remove the existing silicone pad from the bottom of the grinder.

Attach VHB Tape

Attach a few strips of 1 inch VHB (Very High Bond) double sided tape to the bottom of the grinder. Depending on the thickness of the tape, strips may have to be doubled up to ensure good contact with the counter surface. When ready, place the grinder on the counter top and press down firmly. To remove, use a piece of dental floss or fishing line to slide between the base of the grinder and the counter top.

VHB Tape can easily be found at Amazon or your local Home Depot Store.