Cleaning the HG-1 is simplicity itself. Designed to give the user easy access to any areas where grounds might accumulate, such as in the grinding chamber or on the surface of the conical burrs, you can do a thorough cleaning in a flash. Since it takes so little time and it’s a good habit to get into, we recommend giving the HG-1 a quick cleaning whenever you’ve finished using it.

Start by turning the flywheel a few times to make sure that there are no beans or chaff left in the burr set. Lift the upper funnel upward along the main shaft to reveal the top of the burrs. Using a soft brush, clean any remaining grounds from the burrs. Do not put your fingers inside the burr set. The flywheel can turn unexpectedly and cause serious harm.

Replace the upper funnel and turn the flywheel a few more times to clear out anything that might have fallen into the burrs.

Twist and remove the lower funnel and give the inside walls a quick wipe with a clean cloth. With a brush, clean the lower side of the burr set. Replace the lower funnel.

Sweep up any remaining grounds on the surface of the machine with a clean cloth.

And that’s it!

Now take the time you would have spent dismantling your grinder to do something better like enjoying your coffee.

Surface cleaning

For more general cleaning, use a slightly damp soft cloth to clean the exterior surface of the grinder. Do not use any abrasives materials or cleansers on any surface as it will scratch the finish. Do not run any part of the grinder through the dishwasher as it will discolor the surface. The burrs will develop a protective surface coating of coffee oils. This is normal and expected.

Over time or right out of the box, you might notice some light streaking on the surface which is normal with anodized aluminum. A tried and true method, often used on Airstream trailers, is to employ a quick wipe with a soft cloth and a drop or two of mineral or baby oil. This polishes the surface and gives it a smooth glow. 

The beauty of our machine is you can perform a very through cleaning, without having to use any specialized tools. The three step process as shown in the short below, illustrates the entire process from start to finish.

No more bumping, grinding, pounding, modding, inverting, un-screwing, cursing, wasting time or losing parts anymore!