Locating the Grinder

Even though the HG-1 PRIME grinder is compact in size, it is a hand tool and requires the proper amount of space to operate safely. We recommend a minimum of 6″ of clearance above the top of the handle to safely turn the lever. Allow some room, in front of and on either side of the grinder, to easily access the various parts of the machine.

The HG-1 PRIME weighs 11lbs or 5kg. You need both a sturdy as well as stable surface. The average kitchen counter is sufficient while a rolling cart on wheels might prove more problematic. The counter surface should be clean and free of any moisture to prevent slippage.

Please refer to our dimensions page for more information.

Assembling the Grinder

The HG-1 PRIME comes fully assembled with the exception of the flywheel handle. The handle is screwed into place and tightened using a 5mm hex key. We recommend investing in a full set of metric hex keys. Like good screwdrivers or wrenches, every home toolbox should have a set.

Please read all instructions before using the grinder.

Surface Mounting

With it’s diminutive size, the HG-1 PRIME can easily fit under just about every kitchen cabinet. For the easiest grind in town, we recommend surface mounting the grinder to your counter top.

Saving your Packing Material

As with any product you intend to hold on to for a long time, we recommend keeping all packing materials and instructions. For warranty repairs, moving, or the unlikely event of resale, it’s a good idea to have the original box.