A little bit about what we do, and why we do it.

I originally designed and manufactured the HG-one (that’s what it was named back at the time) with a good friend of mine named Paul Nahhas. We both bought Olympia Cremina espresso machines and desperately needed a grinder to go with them. Hunting high and low, we couldn’t find anything that suited our needs. So we did the silliest thing ever, and designed and manufactured it ourselves. That was way back in 2012.

Since then, the company’s taken many different forms and partners have come and gone, but one thing has stayed the same, which is good design and quality products. 

Our designs are our own, and we design products that are built amazingly well. All of our tools are unique in what they do, and have the features that you want and need, and none that you don’t. And finally we take a very honest approach to how we talk about what we make, without marketing hype or exaggeration.

Final assembly and QC on our grinders is performed by our in house team, and orders are shipped worldwide direct from the United States. And most importantly, we pride ourselves on our customer support and communication with all of our customers.