I’ve been lucky to have the chance to work in one of the most creative fields in any industry, a roller coaster ride where there are truly no limits to the imagination. Throughout my career in feature film Visual Effects I’ve spent years working on individual movies, creating stunning awe inspiring images that lasted only for a moment on the screen.

After too many projects spread all over the world and equally far from my family it was time to call it a wrap. Moving forward I wanted rekindle the same creative spark, this time to create a product that was beautifully designed and made to last generations. And from that fire came the design for the HG-1 Grinder.

Next as a founding partner of Lyn Weber Workshops came the opportunity to design and manufacture even more innovative products such as the revolutionary EG-1 and a slew of wonderful coffee related accessories.

And now with Craig Lyn Design Studios, comes the time to build products that inspire. Once again, where imagination is the only limit. New and exciting things are coming soon…