June 12, 2015

Hereby an update of the HG One 83mm number 83 from the first batch. I started out with a Bezzera Strega and 2 months ago upgraded to a brand new Cremina to go along with the HG One. I think I wouldn’t have bought the Cremina if I didn’t have the HG One and seen your videos. I really love the combination of the two. They give delicious espresso and just look beautiful. The HG One has ground around 20KG of beans and is fully broken in. I could really notice when the burrs where broken in and the extraction got even better then before. After owning some really nice grinders including a Mazzer Super Jolly and MK K30 Vario I still believe that the HG One will be my grinder for life. It easily beats every grinder I’ve ever owned. Maintenance is real easy and love the simplicity of it. Last weekend I took the HG One to a friend who has my old E-61 HX and compared it with his La San Marco with 84mm flat burrs but the HG One gave better espresso then the San Marco. Just another confirmation of the quality of the HG One. Just to give you an update of one very happy customer. Thank you guys for this awesome product.

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