June 12, 2015

I wanted to thank you guys for this great grinder. I’ll probably never want another grinder again in my life! It looks absolutely stunning and it easy to clean and grind with nearly no retention. After selling my MK K30 Vario and ordering a HG One 83mm the feeling of doubt struck me a couple of times. I was giving up one of the best grinders in the world to buy a very expensive hand grinder made by a totally unknown company. There wasn’t even a production run yet. I can tell now that I’m very happy to have ordered the HG One 83mm and am in love with it. No regret about selling my K30. Having played with the HG One for almost a week now gave me a good impression of the capabilities. It grinds fast and extracts flavours that I’ve never tasted before. The consistency of the grind is perfect time after time. The only downside of the grinder is static which is easily cured by adding two drops of water to the beans before grinding. It will probably get better when the burrs break in or when the weather gets better over here (now cold and dry). This being said everything else about this grinder is positive and nothing is perfect. The Blind tumbler does it’s work very good.

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