Standard Pepper Mill

The Standard Pepper Mill — one of the best designed and fully featured pepper mills ever made.

We started by using the best burrs we could possibly find. The burrs in the Standard Pepper Mill are designed for use with coffee, which has a extremely high quality grind standard. We knew that we could vastly improve the quality of ground pepper.

Unlike most high end mills, which use cast iron or plastic burrs, our are made of hardened precision cut steel. As with coffee, quality burrs make a huge difference in the consistency of the ground. The ideal ground is as uniform as possible at the finer grind settings. At coarser settings, there will always be more variability because of the gap between the burrs, but that’s always going to be expected.

While there will always be a nostalgic romance associated with long wooden mills, they’re more often than not poorly made and produce inconsistent results. All of the parts of the Standard Pepper Mill are CNC machined out of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, which is then protected with a hard wearing anodized coating. 

Instead of low tolerance bushings or metal sleeves, we use sealed precision micro ball bearings which allow for a wobble free turn. All of these features create a rigid framework which deliver a very precise pepper grind.

If control is what you’re after, the Standard Pepper Mill can provide it. As illustrated below, this is the full range of grounds with minimum variability in particle size. Why is this so important? When dusting a salad or a delicate sauce with a fine grind, you don’t want a big chunk of pepper spoiling your bite.

Sample grounds from the Standard Pepper Mill

All of this precision would go to waste without an equally precise adjustment mechanism. Unlike other mills, the Standard Pepper Mill utilizes a step-less system, which allows the chef to go from a fine power suitable for the most delicate sauce, all the way up to a coarse grind for a hearty Prime Rib crust. While some mills lock you in to either 5 or 10 grind settings, the Standard Pepper Mill provides an extremely varied range through a step-less mechanism that is both jam proof, fast to adjust, and completely repeatable.

The Standard Mill can offer both speed or precision depending on the need. Our burrs are aggressive and can produce a copious amount of grounds with just a few turns. On the other hand if you’re looking for a more precise amount when doing the final garnish on a dish, simply back turn the grinder a quarter turn and then snap it forward to produce less than a pinch at a time.

With old fashioned mills one of the more tedious tasks is filling. Ever had to unscrew the nut on the top of a mill to remove the top, and with that same nut also serving as the grind adjustment? If you fill your grinder, you’ve lost the settings. I’ve been in the situation too many times before when I’ve had to grind, make an adjustment, and then grind again before getting the right consistency, all the while making a mess of my countertop.

We’ve fixed that entire process. The cap of the Standard Pepper Mill is held in place with 3 strong neodymium magnets which make popping the top easy. The wide mouth of the mill also facilitates filling, and the grinder can hold up to ¾ of a cup of pepper cherries. Also the grind adjustment is controlled separately, and is completely repeatable!

Standard Pepper Mill Magnetic Cap

The Standard Pepper Mill is sold on its own, or as part of a set with our equally amazing Salt Boat. Save up to $50 when you buy both together.

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