One of the biggest problems affecting the quality of coffee is staleness. If you’re not storing your beans in a airtight container, your beans won’t stay fresh for very long. Perhaps the worst place to store beans is in a hopper above a grinder. Next would be the single ply paper bag that beans are shipped in. Even that air tight resealable container that you repeatedly open and close, introduces air which encourages oxidation.

Bean Vaults keep coffee in the best possible condition prior to grinding by storing each dose individually. And if you’re taking your extractions as seriously as we are, you probably weigh your beans. When dosing by weight, a single gram variance in either direction can lead to a shot that’s too fast and sour, or too slow and over extracted. By measuring and storing a desired weight of coffee in a Bean Vault, you take the guesswork out of the process and remove another variable from the coffee making equation.

Bean Vaults are sold in sets of 12 for the home user.

One of our newest accessories for use with our Bean Vaults is the Bean Vault Funnel.

The Bean Vault Funnel is a two in one tool providing a wide mouth funnel that fits perfectly into the opening of a Bean Vault to aid in filling coffee beans, as well as a heavy weight stand to hold everything securely in place while working.

Bean Vault Base

To help keep your workspace tidy and well organized, we’re pleased to offer another accessory with are Bases for the Bean Vaults. Bases are sold in pairs and can accommodate 12 individual Bean Vaults. Our Machined Bases may be purchased separately or for additional savings, in Bean Vault Sets. And like all of our products the Bases are solidly made with each one roughly weighing roughly a pound or 450g. They are precision crafted, CNC machined out of solid aluminum and finished with a hard wearing anodized surface.

Bean Vault Base Hardwood

In addition to our bestselling CNC Machined Bases, we happy to offer our holders in a variety of different hardwoods. Each Hardwood Base is handmade in the USA by local craftsmen. They’re cut, hand sanded, and then lightly oiled for a beautiful finish.

Wood is a natural material and color variations are common. Shrinkage and expansion may occur depending on your climate conditions. If you notice any issues with the fit of your Bean Vaults, a light sanding on the inside of the holes will fix the problem.

Do not immerse in water and keep away from extreme heat sources. Wipe clean with a dry towel. In the event of stains, rub with a fine sandpaper and reapply a light coating of food grade mineral oil.

Bean Vault Construction

Bean Vaults are BPA, BPS, and bisphenol free and are made from Tritan, a durable and hard wearing plastic material from Eastman. Harder wearing and more durable than glass, Bean Vaults will keep their shine even after many cycles in the dishwasher.

Designed to be wiped clean or machine washable after use, the Bean Vaults are re-usable, eliminating the landfill waste associated with paper or multi-ply plastic bags. Each individual Bean Vault has a one way silicone dome valve designed to release any accumulated CO2 which naturally occurs as part of the out gassing process.


The storage capacity of a Bean Vault is approximately 24g to 30g depending on the type of bean and roast. With an outside diameter a little over 32 mm and with a height of 125mm, a Bean Vault can hold enough coffee for a high dose shot.


All it takes is a quick twist and pull to remove the cap. Use a similar twist and push motion to replace the cap on the body. Using this method ensures no beans are jostled loose when removing the cap and also keeps the O-ring seated snugly.

We recommend an occasional cleaning of the tubes and caps with a damp cloth. For a more through cleaning, the Vaults may be immersed in warm soapy water or run through the dishwasher.

The Viton O-rings on the tubes maintain a tight seal and require very little maintenance. The o-rings are a standard size of 29mm ID / 2mm width.

An occasional light wipe of the O-rings with a food grade mineral oil keep the caps lubricated and easy to remove from the tube. We recommend oiling the O-rings after running through the dishwasher or immersing in water. On rare occasion a silicone dome valve may become stuck, a gentle poke with a blunt toothpick lubricated with mineral oil will re-open the valve.