HG-1 Part Names

flywheel handle

The HG-1 is operated using your right hand and turning the flywheel handle in a clockwise direction. Slow and steady wins the race rather than fast spinning.

grab handle

The grab handle is designed to be used with your left hand and provides additional stability when grinding. Apply a steady downward pressure for best results.


The gearbox houses the miter gears and bearings. Designed for little to no maintenance, an annual inspection and lubrication is all you need to do.

upper funnel

Coffee beans are added to the upper funnel and then deposited into the grinding chamber below. Designed to be easily removed, the upper funnel can be lifted off of the burr mount to facilitate cleaning the top side of the burrs. With its clever design and in combination with the shape of the main shaft, the upper funnel is designed to prevent stray beans from escaping the grinding chamber.

burr mount

Designed to hold either a 71mm or 83mm set of burrs, the burr mount is used both to house the burr set as well as adjust the grind. By rotating the burr mount clockwise, the grounds become finer and a counterclockwise turn yields coarser grinds.

burr collar

The burr collar supports the entire burr assembly and secures it to the frame of the grinder.

lower funnel

Held in place by six rare earth magnets, the lower funnel is designed to be easily removed for cleaning the lower side of the burrs.

locking ring

The locking ring is used to stop the burr mount from turning. Lift the locking ring till it just clears the pins on the burr mount, then turn the mount to adjust the grind.