June 12, 2015

Thanks for producing such a great coffee grinder.  I’ve been eagerly anticipating purchasing one for many months now and was very excited to finally receive one with the titanium nitride-coated burrs.  I have upgraded from a Mazzer Mini Electronic which had itself been upgraded with the installation of Mazzer Super Jolly burrs.
For home espresso, I can’t imagine a better grinder than the HG one.  I love my Mazzer but using it at home (and with different coffee roasts) presents some difficulties:
1.       The Mazzer retains significant amounts of grounds requiring a purge every morning;
2.       Changing coffee means that I have to tip the Mazzer upside down to remove beans and then grind through what remains in the burrs;
3.       Dialling in a shot with the Electronic version of the Mazzer means that, with the timed dose, both grind fineness as well as dosage by weight are changed, so two variables are altered in the process of working out the optimum grind/dose.
The HG one grinder addresses these issues:
·         Grind retention is close to zero meaning there is no need to purge and no need to empty out the grinder for different coffee beans;
·         I control the dosage by weighing prior to grinding, and then I only need to change the grind setting in order to dial in a particular coffee bean.  This is very important to me as I am a home roaster so have many single origin roasts available to me at any one time.
The HG one grinder is truly a full sensory experience:
1.       Visual – the grinder itself is a work of art, and the grounds it produces are beautiful and fluffy;
2.       Aroma – the open architecture of the grinder means that I can really appreciate all of the aromas of the ground coffee, it’s such a hedonistic delight grinding for my first shot in the morning!
3.       Tactile – the sensation of hand grinding is wonderful.  To be honest I didn’t think that hand grinding was going to be optimal (I know I pestered you guys about motorised options for a few months prior to purchase).  I’m now really happy that I’m grinding by hand, it’s a seriously satisfying feeling;
4.       Auditory – the sound of the grinding is quiet and soothing; and
5.       Gustatory – this grinder has produced the best extractions and espresso shots I’ve ever tasted.
So there it is… I’m a very happy and satisfied customer.

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