June 12, 2015

Ok so I’m not normally someone who writes reviews on products but I felt compelled in this case. I’m a home roaster with some self restored vintage pavonis, rivieras, cappuccino amore, etc who has been admiring the HG one since it’s 1st days but was holding out buying because of the lack of precise markings or steps… and the price. I was getting by with a stepless mod of the gaggia mdf and an upgraded flat burr ascaso grinder for quite some time. Then comes along the 2014 version with the ingenious step adjustment pegs. I had to wait a while for it to be available and finally the website no longer said out of stock so I jumped at it. 2 boxes of rice, quite a few sink shots and wasted beans and 2 weeks pass and then it happens. The best cup of coffee of my life. I thought to myself. That was a lucky pull. Then it happened again. I tasted everything that bean was intended to be. Then, I did it with another bean and another. I have now dialed in and marked down the exact location of 4 different beans and an aeropress setting and can switch between them all at will returning to exactly the point of perfect extraction each time. Awesome. Thank you for not only improving my coffee by a lot but also making my life easier. I love this product. My one note would be to somehow make the “hopper” taller to accommodate more beans (I.e. French press) and wider or with a lip to make putting the beans in easier. Besides that, perfection.

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