June 12, 2015

I recently have got my 62 year old mother grinding on the HG one, regular 83mm Mazzer. She has all sorts of joint problems and is only 5, 2. She struggled with the height of it up on the bench. So I got the little foot stool for her to stand on and positioned the grinder a bit closer to the edge of bench so that she could sort of get her upper body weight down / over the handle. So this means a lot less effort / concentration is involved keeping the grinder steady and she can focus on grinding and now finds it quite easy to grind through a 16 to 18g dose. I am probably up around 10kg of beans through the grinder as I did a lot of seasoning with stale / cheapo beans. Overall, I am so happy with this grinder. Quite a big purchase but its worth every cent, the stepped adjustment is an absolute dream, very easy and quick to change. Most importantly it has made a dramatic improvement to my espresso, much better aroma and more definition / layers of flavour. I can safely say, unless I loose an arm or something that its my last grinder purchase.

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