June 12, 2015

Thanks for the efforts you have made to produce this grinder. It will very likely replace the Mazzer Kony E that I have in my home, once the burrs break-in. Its performance equals the “titan conicals” in terms of grind quality, while retaining almost no coffee after grinding. This enormously facilitates the process of dialing-in the grinder, as the results of adjustment are completely and immediately apparent. The engineering is brilliant, and the design is both clever and attractive, and will look great on anyone’s kitchen counter, unlike a Mazzer Robur! The build quality is exceptional. I have heard the raves from those who tested the prototypes, but this device simply oozes quality. The accessories are also thoughtful, well-executed, and of equal build quality. The portafilter holder particularly nice. I wish a shorter button were available, to accommodate the 15 degree downward-angled handle of the LaMarzocco portafilter handle. This results in a slightly tilted distribution. Here on the Oregon Coast, I am having no static issues to speak of, but anything that sticks in the funnel can be easily dropped by a light tap. You may have accomplished the “impossible,” by creating a device of equal quality to the massive commercial conical grinders, with arguably less “fiddle-factor,” single-dosing with negligible coffee waste, at a fraction of the size, and at a very reasonable cost. Except for the high-volume entertainment/event situation, you may have eliminated the need for commercial conical grinders in the homes of hardcore espresso enthusiasts. I originally bought this grinder for my office setup, but I envision this as being my primary home grinder, with the Kony-E becoming secondary or going to work. Gentlemen: Job well done!

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