Customer Reviews

We wanted to share some of the feedback we received from around the world for the HG-1 grinder.

Looking back from where we started, we are thankful that we’ve managed to make a positive impact in your cup. And hearing the positive reviews, we know that the effort was worth it.

People are excited and happy about their grinders, and that makes us happy.

This page is dedicated to all of our present and future customers.

Thank you.

Just got my HG One a few days ago. It was very easy to assemble and dial in. Compared to my Mazzer Major, this gives a smoother tasting espresso when extraction times are the same for the same dose. I need about 25 revolutions for 17 grams of beans. I understand this will change as the burrs are seasoned. I can’t be happier with this purchase for my 3-4 singles shots per day.

Cecil Emmaus, Pennsylvania October 29, 2015

I got my HG one 2014 with the BB 83mm burrs a couple of weeks ago and I’m absolutely delighted with it. It’s nowhere near having seasoned burrs (only gone through 3 pounds of beans so far) and the difference compared to the Mazzer SJ is significantly noticeable especially with lighter roasts. When I made a cappuccino with a lighter roast, the missus would complain rather vocally that it “tastes of nothing” but now with the same beans she raves about the flavour. While I personally wouldn’t be so critical of the Mazzer SJ I must say that the HG one delivers a clarity of flavour that simply wasn’t there before. You get in the cup the same flavour that you get when you open the freshly roasted bag of coffee and get hit with aromas. Feels like you’re drinking an entirely different coffee when compared to the SJ.

Kosta London, United Kingdom October 29, 2015

HG one has arrived.
I can’t believe how fast the shipping was.
At last one of these beauties in northern Bavaria!

Still much prettier as on any pix!
Amazing stuff!!

Thanks a lot!

Gert Döhlau, Barvaria October 29, 2015

(Service is never what happens when you purchase an item – it’s what happens if something goes wrong.  You score 10/10)

My first impression is that the HG One reeks of quality.

I have had some fun grinding shots, and I cannot believe the results.  No joke; I think I am using a completely different coffee from what I used to use, even though the beans come from the same bag as I used a few days ago.

Now for the trials!  I am not sure whether to use 18g or 19g of coffee; experimentation is now underway.

I can absolutely confirm that I will need to start again with the Ambient Espresso Vesuvius profiles, such is the quality of the grind compared to my previous electric grinders.

Keith North Melbourne, Victoria Australia October 14, 2015

In a word  – awesome!

You guys, and the internet, did create a set of expectations on how hard it would be to get the beast dialed in that were way worse than the reality.  Took about 9 shots to get the grind right for my Cremina (including one that was so fine I could not even move the lever!).  Then one box of minute rice to get the number of rotations for a 15g shot down to about 38 (and it’s already down to 32 on the 4th day).  Since then, 13 straight shots that all rank in the top 10% I’ve ever gotten from that machine in 25 years.


I had high expectations and so far they have been exceeded.  The consistency of great espresso I have gotten is a wonderful thing.  Thanks!

Andrew North Carolina, United States June 22, 2015

Hereby an update of the HG One 83mm number 83 from the first batch. I started out with a Bezzera Strega and 2 months ago upgraded to a brand new Cremina to go along with the HG One. I think I wouldn’t have bought the Cremina if I didn’t have the HG One and seen your videos. I really love the combination of the two. They give delicious espresso and just look beautiful. The HG One has ground around 20KG of beans and is fully broken in. I could really notice when the burrs where broken in and the extraction got even better then before. After owning some really nice grinders including a Mazzer Super Jolly and MK K30 Vario I still believe that the HG One will be my grinder for life. It easily beats every grinder I’ve ever owned. Maintenance is real easy and love the simplicity of it. Last weekend I took the HG One to a friend who has my old E-61 HX and compared it with his La San Marco with 84mm flat burrs but the HG One gave better espresso then the San Marco. Just another confirmation of the quality of the HG One. Just to give you an update of one very happy customer. Thank you guys for this awesome product.

Erik Boskoop, Netherlands June 12, 2015

I wanted to thank you guys for this great grinder. I’ll probably never want another grinder again in my life! It looks absolutely stunning and it easy to clean and grind with nearly no retention. After selling my MK K30 Vario and ordering a HG One 83mm the feeling of doubt struck me a couple of times. I was giving up one of the best grinders in the world to buy a very expensive hand grinder made by a totally unknown company. There wasn’t even a production run yet. I can tell now that I’m very happy to have ordered the HG One 83mm and am in love with it. No regret about selling my K30. Having played with the HG One for almost a week now gave me a good impression of the capabilities. It grinds fast and extracts flavours that I’ve never tasted before. The consistency of the grind is perfect time after time. The only downside of the grinder is static which is easily cured by adding two drops of water to the beans before grinding. It will probably get better when the burrs break in or when the weather gets better over here (now cold and dry). This being said everything else about this grinder is positive and nothing is perfect. The Blind tumbler does it’s work very good.

Erik Boskoop, Netherlands June 12, 2015

Very happy customer. I’m now on a journey to retry every type of bean I’ve ever tried on my machine. I’ve never had a titan grinder before but the big thing about the HG one is the lack of grind retention. I can easily adjust the grinder for a bean without having to flush old grinds out. And I’m able to switch b/w 2 different beans/settings without having to clean the grinder out first. On my previous grinder I had to spend a minute brushing out as much grinds as i could to make sure I got it all out into the portafilter.. and after my session was done I had to spend another minute making sure it was all clean. With the HG one I spend 5 seconds.

Byron Toronto, Canada June 12, 2015

What a difference it has made to my coffee wonders. I would never believe that I would TASTE such difference between the HG one and my Mazzer Mini. The shot looks different, it smells different, it is sweeter, more body, more everything. It takes me about 16 seconds to grind 17 grams of coffee. My Mazzer used to take almost 20. I love it.

Spiros Belmont, California June 12, 2015

The Espressos are amazing and this grinder is exactly what I was looking for. I am using an Expobar Brewtus and have been using a Mazzer Mini grinder. The difference with the new grinder is huge.

Sylvain St. Jerome, Quebec June 12, 2015

I spend all the afternoon with the grinder and I am very impressed! I once had a mechanical education and I am very impressed by this piece of art you made possible. The used materials and the way they were used and treated just outstanding! I can assure you that this grinder is worth every penny! I am happy I ordered one and believe I will never buy another grinder in my life 🙂

Jochen Mannheim, Germany June 12, 2015

Unpacked it and I am deeply impressed with the quality, far beyond my expectations (in the right direction). Set it up and did a initial test run – wow, grinding with low effort and it is quiet efficient in terms of speed. Gentlemen, I am convinced that you’ve build an exceptional piece of equipment. My first impressions are in line with a friend from the German coffee board, the HG one is def. more than we have expected. Thank you so much for building such a fine tool.

Malte Koeln, Germany June 12, 2015

Incredible product. Beautifully made. Very difficult to find fault with. It kicks off so much coffee aroma it fills our factory unit, it’s quite amazing. A sweeter cup with more complexity than our Robur E, a direct result of low revs, meaning less heat. And of course, no need to ditch two double shots each morning and every time you make a change. If there’s such a thing as a silver bullet in high end espresso, the HG one is it.

Reiss Wimbledon, England June 12, 2015

I love my HG One!  It does a great job consistently grinding my beans just right for optimizing my espresso.  It is quick & easy to use (adjust, grind and clean).  Communication and support has been amazing.  I hope that HG One makes a lot more products than just the one hand grinder that their company name denotes.

Joe Santa Barbara, California June 12, 2015

Satisfaction and value in a purchase is increasingly rare these days, but my HG-One grinder has provided just that. Consistent high quality espresso grind, ability to switch between different beans with no hassle, no grind retention, and a grinder that fits in perfectly with my routine. No other grinder I have owned has provided this functionality. I’m happy now, and looking forward to it getting better as it breaks in over the next few months.

Grant St. Albert, Alberta June 12, 2015

Now that I have it dialed in, the shots taste great!  There is more depth and complexity to the taste of my shots. The grind is beautifully uniform. I’m not exactly sure why, but  the pucks are wonderfully dry after extraction, where with my previous grinder (a Rancilio Rocky) I was getting some soupiness on top of the puck. At least part of that is due to the careful and uniform dosing one employs with the HG-one. The materials are premier. Nothing in my kitchen is as beautifully made with such flawless materials.

Richard Stoughton, Massachusetts June 12, 2015

“Perfection is achieved, not when there nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery Charting your trajectory – next stop MOMA

Ihor Surrey, British Columbia June 12, 2015

…Any foibles that it has, are as nothing compared to any other grinder that I have tried. I love the whole new un-industrial, but finely honed approach to making coffee that this grinder along with my Londinium Lever has brought. I suppose that the employment of 83mm “Robur” Burrs is going to result in amongst the best coffee grounds possible, but at this price and with this style and panache… This is at once a bargain, and the best available product… If one can get over the idea of becoming the motor 🙂 Finally, the concept, design and execution are second to none…

Stephen Shortlands, England June 12, 2015

Getting the best shots I’ve ever had bar none, home or cafe. A marriage made in heaven. Build quality is grade A #1! Glad to be not wasting coffee anymore as my mini was a retention hog.

Patrick Dartmouth, Nova Scotia June 12, 2015

Build quality is beyond impressive! HG one certainly make pulling a shot a more tactile experience. I can also adjust my brew ratios so simply and accurately it almost seems  a science. Shot quality and cup nuances are more than a step up from my Mazzer mini. Paul and Craig, this one is out of the park!

Cory (very dry) Calgary, Alberta June 12, 2015

I feel like it’s my birthday and the HG one my present 😉 I must stop having coffee for the day but look forward to the first cup tomorrow 😉 The HG one replaces the Mazzer Mini with Super Jolly burrs.

Frans Amsterdam, Netherlands June 12, 2015

With other grinders, I was only able to get what seem now like caricatures of the different flavour directions (sweetness, acidity, and astringency mostly) with different grind/dose/flow combinations. I was never really happy with this, but I had always put it down to poor technique on my part. With the HG One I can get beautifully integrated shots, with sweetness, fruit, nut, etc. all present in the same shot, yet somehow individually identifiable. Now I can make my shots taste like the description on the bag 🙂

Tim Berlin, Germany June 12, 2015

Grinding coffee is always a nice experience, due to the scents it produces. However, after setting up the HG one and grinding the first beans, my wife and myself were very much surprised by the beautiful aroma that filled the air immediately. This together with its ease of use and the beautiful design contribute to the best possible start into the day. The change it produces in the cup, has been described much better already in the various comments you received on your webpage. I can only agree to the said! I am very happy and a bit proud to be among the very few owners of an HG one in the world, and I look forward to serve and drink many many espressi ‘fatto a la HG one’. Congratulations and thanks again for this great product, and I wish you much success with the HG one and other ideas that you might pursue.

Daniel Tbilisi, Georgia June 12, 2015

Thanks for producing such a great coffee grinder.  I’ve been eagerly anticipating purchasing one for many months now and was very excited to finally receive one with the titanium nitride-coated burrs.  I have upgraded from a Mazzer Mini Electronic which had itself been upgraded with the installation of Mazzer Super Jolly burrs.
For home espresso, I can’t imagine a better grinder than the HG one.  I love my Mazzer but using it at home (and with different coffee roasts) presents some difficulties:
1.       The Mazzer retains significant amounts of grounds requiring a purge every morning;
2.       Changing coffee means that I have to tip the Mazzer upside down to remove beans and then grind through what remains in the burrs;
3.       Dialling in a shot with the Electronic version of the Mazzer means that, with the timed dose, both grind fineness as well as dosage by weight are changed, so two variables are altered in the process of working out the optimum grind/dose.
The HG one grinder addresses these issues:
·         Grind retention is close to zero meaning there is no need to purge and no need to empty out the grinder for different coffee beans;
·         I control the dosage by weighing prior to grinding, and then I only need to change the grind setting in order to dial in a particular coffee bean.  This is very important to me as I am a home roaster so have many single origin roasts available to me at any one time.
The HG one grinder is truly a full sensory experience:
1.       Visual – the grinder itself is a work of art, and the grounds it produces are beautiful and fluffy;
2.       Aroma – the open architecture of the grinder means that I can really appreciate all of the aromas of the ground coffee, it’s such a hedonistic delight grinding for my first shot in the morning!
3.       Tactile – the sensation of hand grinding is wonderful.  To be honest I didn’t think that hand grinding was going to be optimal (I know I pestered you guys about motorised options for a few months prior to purchase).  I’m now really happy that I’m grinding by hand, it’s a seriously satisfying feeling;
4.       Auditory – the sound of the grinding is quiet and soothing; and
5.       Gustatory – this grinder has produced the best extractions and espresso shots I’ve ever tasted.
So there it is… I’m a very happy and satisfied customer.

Terence Sydney, New South Wales June 12, 2015

I have received HG ONE, I would like to thank you for your reliable guidance and I appreciate the high quality product you have provided me. And I shall give your company the highest endorsement.

Ricardo Maaco, China June 12, 2015

After 3 month of use I am deeply contended by this masterpiece. Every single shot is nearly perfect. Very less need of maintenance and stunning results are much more what I expected.

Dirk Germany June 12, 2015

I received the grinder yesterday in perfect condition. I dialed it in tonight and I pulled the best shots from the Faema so far that I can say almost comparable to the Ritual and Blue Bottle espresso I had when I went to San Francisco last September. I will be experimenting with the grind setting and dose in the next few days. Thank you for letting me experience this fantastic grinder. Happy New Year!

Jun Guam June 12, 2015

So let me finish by saying again, well done! With out a DOUBT there is a lot more coming through in each shot than with the Vario. To explain the difference to an audiophile I’d say it’s like going from earbuds to $500 headphones. For a camera person I’d explain it as gaining 2 or more stops of dynamic range and twice the resolution.

Richard Prescott, Arizona June 12, 2015

The grinder is beautiful, and I have started to pull some veritable shots. After some break-in, this will be absolutely fantastic. Thanks for designing this device! It’s a blessing!

Wolfgang Austin, Texas June 12, 2015

Our HG-One arrived last night and I wanted to tell you how thoroughly pleased we are with it. I was immediately impressed with how professionally everything had been packaged. You guys really did a superb job from conception to final product and packaging on this grinder. Top notch all around. We assembled it out of the box. And even though it was after 6:00PM, way too late to have yet another espresso, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Let’s just say that I ended the day extremely over caffeinated and very pleased with our purchase. This morning we got to test it out in more normal circumstances. It took no time at all to get a feeling for how to turn the wheel and grind the coffee. And we did a taste comparison between our regular Baratza grinder and the HG-One and subtle but significant improvements were evident in the HG-One. In short, HG-One is not just a work of art (I think you should sign and hand number each one, lol), it is true coffee lovers dream. We love it.

Tod Albuquerque, New Mexico June 12, 2015

Got the HG One today. It is a thing of beauty. Thank you for making such a wonderful grinder.

Per Aas, Norway June 12, 2015

When the HG-One dropped, I remember thinking, “That’s the perfect counter-top hand grinder.” It’s a transcendent work of industrial design, with exceptional aesthetics and ideal ergonomics.

David Austin, Texas June 12, 2015

My HG One arrived yesterday and I just want to say thanks for your vision and persistence in designing and building such a excellent coffee grinder. I’m still coming to terms with this alien device on my kitchen bench and changing my coffee-Zen to accommodate the new routine demanded by such a major change. It’s early days yet but I can see that the HG One will bond with my Olympia Cremina and I and a long and productive relationship will ensue. It’s instructive to see how good design and fitness for purpose – as in the HG One and the Cremina – work so well together.

Ron Bayview, New South Wales, Australia June 12, 2015

Using it, in itself, is a joy. The mechanics of it is so close to perfection. Congrats on the ergonomics, the materials used and the touch they create. I really love the amazing details like the blind tumbler. You can feel the same with some other chosen gear : Hi-fi, some bikes, car, etc. Thanks again for taking the time and energy to make this grinder.

Benoit Paris, France June 12, 2015

I was having some problems with my coffee setup that were proving very difficult to overcome. I had discovered my favourite kind of coffee was actually ristretto (after getting some excellent examples in cafes), but found that removing milk from my coffee highlighted significant flaws somewhere in my coffee chain. I made every adjustment to technique that I possibly could, but the coffee was still not up to scratch. Fingers eventually pointed to my flat burr commercial grinder, which was designed for high volume use in a cafe. As such it retained easily 1/2 a shots worth of grinds in the chamber, and since I only ground a shot or two at a time, this led to a crazy routine of trying to extract stale grinds before each shot, and then trying to make sure I got all the grinds out afterwards as well. Finally, this also meant accurate dosing was very difficult, even with weighing the dose (with a 1gm scale), leading to lots of waste. I set out to find a commercial quality grinder that would happily grind a single shot, made dosing easy, and had low grind retention. I found the HG one and thought it looked ideal, but it was sold out, which gave me some extra time to do more research. It all pointed to the HG one being a perfect solution, especially as I loved the idea of grinding by hand, and I loved the mechanical simplicity. I was patient and ordered the moment they came into stock. A bit of practice and I am now making far and away the best coffee I have ever made – this thing is simply awesome. Not only does it perform as it says on the tin, but the aesthetics and tactility are beyond what I was expecting and hoping for. By comparison the old grinder was bulky, noisy, messy, difficult to use, and ugly. The HG one is not only an awesome grinder, but is beautiful on the bench, simple to use , and there is virtually no mess at all. It has turned my morning coffee routine from frustration into an absolute joy again. I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.

Nick Perth, Western Australia June 12, 2015

Ok so I’m not normally someone who writes reviews on products but I felt compelled in this case. I’m a home roaster with some self restored vintage pavonis, rivieras, cappuccino amore, etc who has been admiring the HG one since it’s 1st days but was holding out buying because of the lack of precise markings or steps… and the price. I was getting by with a stepless mod of the gaggia mdf and an upgraded flat burr ascaso grinder for quite some time. Then comes along the 2014 version with the ingenious step adjustment pegs. I had to wait a while for it to be available and finally the website no longer said out of stock so I jumped at it. 2 boxes of rice, quite a few sink shots and wasted beans and 2 weeks pass and then it happens. The best cup of coffee of my life. I thought to myself. That was a lucky pull. Then it happened again. I tasted everything that bean was intended to be. Then, I did it with another bean and another. I have now dialed in and marked down the exact location of 4 different beans and an aeropress setting and can switch between them all at will returning to exactly the point of perfect extraction each time. Awesome. Thank you for not only improving my coffee by a lot but also making my life easier. I love this product. My one note would be to somehow make the “hopper” taller to accommodate more beans (I.e. French press) and wider or with a lip to make putting the beans in easier. Besides that, perfection.

Jason Las Vegas, Nevada June 12, 2015

In the last couple days I’ve had the best espresso I’ve ever had. Some of my beans taste completely different with flavors and nuances I never knew were there. Sames beans, different grinder, everything else the same.

Sean Los Angeles, United States June 12, 2015

I recently have got my 62 year old mother grinding on the HG one, regular 83mm Mazzer. She has all sorts of joint problems and is only 5, 2. She struggled with the height of it up on the bench. So I got the little foot stool for her to stand on and positioned the grinder a bit closer to the edge of bench so that she could sort of get her upper body weight down / over the handle. So this means a lot less effort / concentration is involved keeping the grinder steady and she can focus on grinding and now finds it quite easy to grind through a 16 to 18g dose. I am probably up around 10kg of beans through the grinder as I did a lot of seasoning with stale / cheapo beans. Overall, I am so happy with this grinder. Quite a big purchase but its worth every cent, the stepped adjustment is an absolute dream, very easy and quick to change. Most importantly it has made a dramatic improvement to my espresso, much better aroma and more definition / layers of flavour. I can safely say, unless I loose an arm or something that its my last grinder purchase.

James Sydney, New South Wales June 12, 2015

I managed to get an order in a week ago and a HG-One grinder and portafilter cradle was delivered to me neatly packed this afternoon. Thanks for the quick delivery. I can safely say it is the most beautiful tool I have ever owned. Being an engineer and coming from a family of carpenters and other craftsmen I am very impressed with the design and build quality of your grinder. And before even the slightest seasoning of the burrs I have already today made a couple of shots on my Silvia that were better than ever previously managed when using other grinders.

Remi Heggedal, Norway June 12, 2015

So far so good on the HG one. Seasoned via the rice method and the aftermarket burrs are already creating some amazing shots. It has definitely upped the bar on my espresso shots. The HG one works perfectly right out of the box. The pop-corning is minimal. A shard pops out only now and then, not even a issue of concern for me. Much prefer the HG one in stock form and keeping this beauty as it was meant to be with the shaft exposed and minimal as possible. The tumbler works great as well. Loving it Craig! Thank you for creating such a great product! I look forward to your future offerings.

Carsan New York, New York June 12, 2015

I am extremely happy with the grinder. The build quality, ease of use, the ability to single dose with no waste, the stepless grind adjustment, the ability to switch coffees on the fly, the commercial 83 mm burrs-all of these are characteristics that I value in the grinder.

Theron Houston, Texas June 12, 2015

Your grinder is definitely a work of art. And I can’t find any piece that looks like it will break or wear in the next 100 years! I’m a big fan of things that last forever. It’s kind of like a hobby of mine, collecting things that will last me a lifetime. So I didn’t need any convincing that the HG one would be my lifetime companion. I also own a Hario mini for my Aeropress, wich takes me 3 minutes to grind 12 grams for my cup. The HG one does it in 20 turns, or 15 seconds! So I have also come to appreciate it’s speed. Of course the taste it produces is always sublime, that goes without saying.

Hugo Vienna, Austria June 12, 2015

While knowing that it’s a very high quality product, the real thing surpassed my expectations; it surprises everyone that sees it for the first time… even the ladies! The attention to detail is remarkable and precision is extremely tight.

Bernardo June 12, 2015

Just a quick note of thanks for creating such a wonderful product. I took the leap and so far I couldn’t be happier. Finally a grinder that does Turkish! I been going 1/2 turn back from zero but even 3/4 will work.

Barney Island Park, New York June 12, 2015

Received my HG 1 on Friday and gave it, and myself, quite a workout. I was in the market for a new grinder, to replace my Rancilio (cost no object) and wanted a no compromise machine. I live in NYC where a vast array of beans is available and was wasting so much expensive coffee daily just getting out the old grinds. Thanks to your brilliant design this is no longer a concern.

Robert New York, New York June 12, 2015

Like so many things in life, a balanced approach yields the most fruitful results. When I first started learning about making reasonable coffee, I had a list in my mind of all the variables I wanted to master, with the presumption that reducing their variability would give me more control over the finished product. With a bit of time and experience, however, I’ve come to appreciate that the ritual of espresso not only has more variety than I realized, but also that introducing some on purpose furthers the pleasure achieved. The HG One grinder is absolutely the best tool to take ownership of those small but important adjustments. The machine is massive, solid, and unyielding to mechanical pressures which corrupt the settings of lesser devices. The bearings and gearbox, the fasteners and machined pieces, and the satisfying consistency of a spinning flywheel all combine into a visceral and pleasing experience, and any concerns about whether this dose might be different from the last one fade away. I had it dialed in within 3 shots, and now, instead of worrying about what I might get on the next pull, I can experiment freely, and find excellent results with immediacy and minimal waste. On the qualitative side, the superior tool has refocused the spotlight on the skills of the operator, and I now get to learn a whole new level of nuance and delight. I no longer add sugar to my shots, and my latte consumption has dropped precipitously in lieu of a morning double. That can only be due to the improved taste and pleasure of espresso straight out of the machine. When I’m feeling slightly braver I will invite a few friends over to get their reactions, and I hope I’ll be able to convert at least one or two over to the dark side.

T Virginia, USA June 12, 2015

Just got the HG-One delivered here in Vienna. A quick first impression: Packing was excellent, setup took around 5 minutes (most of which was just admiration). Turned in the recommended starting position and tried my Yirgacheffe city home roast with 9 grams in the single basket La Pavoni. 9.1 grams went in and surprisingly 9.1 grams came out. I did add two drops of water off my fingertip just to be sure (I’ll check later if really necessary). Grinding starts with a strong push-pull and then turning can be done with two fingers, so took off the extension bar on the flywheel and put the handle on directly. Grinds look a lot different from my Mignon, fluffier. A quick stir and into the basket seems to be all that’s needed. I’m going to try to cut down on all the strange rituals I developed through time. Naked PF showed perfect pour, slightly fast. Next try notch tighter. Bingo. I was hoping for a big improvement in taste, but have always been skeptical, because I’ve been disappointed a lot in the past with my audiophile hobby where people claim night and day differences in certain gear and in the end a blind test shows BS. But I have to say everybody here on HB has been right, big conicals are awesome. I believe it can be described as having ‘more layers’. A spicy undertone I have never gotten out of this bean, no matter what I tried and an aftertaste lasting much longer than I’m used to are some of the differences. Of course I can be influenced by the money I invested and the beauty of the machine, but there are cues that something really changed, for the better. First off, dialing in is a breeze now, the initial setting is always in the ballpark, with hardly any change between different beans and roasts. Second, the flow from my naked PF is just perfect, out of the book, without WDT. I used to have spritzers often, no matter how much WDT I applied. Third, I haven’t had a too sour or too bitter shot today, and before with my Mignon 2-3 out of 10 were sink shots. Today, none. Coincidence? And I haven’t even seasoned the burrs. Upon buying the HG-One I found a way to convince my spouse it was worth a thousand bucks: see it as a piece of art, like a painting on the wall or a marble torso by Rodin. That stuff can cost more than a thousand. The HG-One will last just as long, is just as beautiful and in addition to that it can do a trick: grind coffee! Well, after the tasting of today, she said that even if it was ugly as a toad it would’ve still been worth the money :DSince my spouse prefers darker roasts and I prefer lighter SO’s and we have some decafs in between, I really like the zero retention. I’m getting closer to being cured of upgraditis.

Bruno Vienna, Austria June 12, 2015

My mind is at ease. Any doubts or concerns I may have had at the time I became a dot in your map have been washed away by the three pounds of dial-in beans I rushed through during the last couple of days. The pictures and videos can’t tell the whole story – you need to feel it, grind some beans and brew a cup or two. Those over the top reviews suddenly make sense. In short: Thank you! I also wish to express my sincere appreciation for providing such a professional customer experience. Open communication and performance even beyond expectations is rare these days and a remarkable achievement for a start-up company. Only few understand how much planning and re-planning followed by managing changes and attention to detail is needed behind the scenes for all this to happen the way it has.

Matti Tampere, Finland June 12, 2015

Thanks for the efforts you have made to produce this grinder. It will very likely replace the Mazzer Kony E that I have in my home, once the burrs break-in. Its performance equals the “titan conicals” in terms of grind quality, while retaining almost no coffee after grinding. This enormously facilitates the process of dialing-in the grinder, as the results of adjustment are completely and immediately apparent. The engineering is brilliant, and the design is both clever and attractive, and will look great on anyone’s kitchen counter, unlike a Mazzer Robur! The build quality is exceptional. I have heard the raves from those who tested the prototypes, but this device simply oozes quality. The accessories are also thoughtful, well-executed, and of equal build quality. The portafilter holder particularly nice. I wish a shorter button were available, to accommodate the 15 degree downward-angled handle of the LaMarzocco portafilter handle. This results in a slightly tilted distribution. Here on the Oregon Coast, I am having no static issues to speak of, but anything that sticks in the funnel can be easily dropped by a light tap. You may have accomplished the “impossible,” by creating a device of equal quality to the massive commercial conical grinders, with arguably less “fiddle-factor,” single-dosing with negligible coffee waste, at a fraction of the size, and at a very reasonable cost. Except for the high-volume entertainment/event situation, you may have eliminated the need for commercial conical grinders in the homes of hardcore espresso enthusiasts. I originally bought this grinder for my office setup, but I envision this as being my primary home grinder, with the Kony-E becoming secondary or going to work. Gentlemen: Job well done!

Michael Coos Bay, Oregon June 12, 2015