New Product Announcements

We’d like to introduce 2 new products to our already awesome lineup.

Bean Vaults

First of all there are the all new Bean Vaults for Whole Bean Coffee Storage For Single Dosing. One of the biggest problems affecting the quality of coffee is staleness. If you’re not storing your beans in a airtight container, your beans won’t stay fresh for very long. Bean Vaults keep coffee in the best possible condition prior to grinding by storing each dose individually.

To help keep your workspace tidy and well organized, we’re pleased to offer Bases for the Bean Vaults. Bases are sold in pairs and can accommodate 12 individual Bean Vaults.

HG-1 2020 Edition

Next up we’ve added some refinements to the 2020 HG-1 Hand Grinder. There are a few under the hood improvements that won’t be visible to the casual user, but the most noticeable is the addition of spiral cut mitre gears. While not completely quiet, spiral cut gears offer a more silent and smooth experience when grinding.

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