The story Behind the Espresso Shaker Funnel

All of this goes back a few years when my close friend Paul & I decided that we  wanted to buy espresso machines. As the story goes, we both decided that the Olympia Cremina was a great option, but the problem was that we couldn’t find a grinder to go with it.

So we did what any normal person would do, we decided to build one ourselves. And that’s were the HG-1 grinder originated from. Along the way we learnt a lot of things about coffee as well as grinders and one of them was the concept of “redistribution.”

Our shots coming directly out of the grinder were channeling and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. After a lot of reading, experimenting and stirring we came up with the idea of the Blind Tumbler which still ships with every HG-1 today.

As a logical progression, Paul invented the Blind Shaker in 2012, the very first version ever made is pictured above. When I co-founded Lyn Weber Workshops, which is no longer in business, I brought the idea along with me.

Craig Lyn Design Studio is proud to produce the next generation of redistribution tools, the Espresso Shaker Funnel. Better than all of the previous versions and a welcome addition to home and professional baristas the world over.