HG-1 Funnel Wiper

Along with winter’s dark and cold, comes static. The amount of static that you might experience with the HG-1 grinder depends on the type of bean, roast, fineness of grind, and most importantly, the amount of humidity in the air. Some users experience a large amount of post-grind cling, while others see absolutely none at all. In response, various techniques have sprung up that virtually eradicate the effects of static on ground coffee. But since we’re always interested in trying to improve the user experience, we’d like to offer up one more method. If you’re living in the high desert or in the midst of a Mid-Western winter, and have static issues, we have something that might be interesting.


After many prototypes and even more testing, we developed the Funnel Wiper. The wiper is attached directly to the bottom of the inner burr, and sweeps the inside of the lower funnel, clearing away any coffee residue left behind. The wiper is designed to be used from the zero point up to three rotations of the burr mount, which in coffee terms is Turkish all the way past pour over.

The wipers are made of a food grade ABS plastic. Installation takes 5 minutes and requires a 5mm metric hex key, which is included with the HG-1 grinder. Every HG-1 includes a Funnel Wiper, and we also sell replacements in packs of 3.