Bean Cellars

Whole Bean Coffee Storage

Bean Cellars are designed to be used as part of a single dosing grinder workflow.

Instead of storing beans inside a non-hermetically sealed hopper which introduces staleness, Bean Cellars keep coffee in the best possible condition prior to grinding. When dosing by weight, a single gram variance in either direction can lead to a shot that’s too fast and bright, or too slow and over extracted. By measuring a desired weight of coffee into a Bean Cellar a barista can take the guesswork out of the process, and remove another variable from the equation.

The average coffee enthusiast has more choices when purchasing beans. And instead of buying a a single type of coffee, you can now purchase many different different varieties. And once home, constantly opening and closing a bag or container and exposing stored beans coffee to outside air is no longer a problem. In single serve portions, the product is kept fresher for longer, and offers a higher quality and convenient product.



Commercial Bean Cellars are BPA free and are made of a durable and hard wearing plastic material. Designed to be wiped clean or machine washable after use, the Bean Cellars are re-usable, eliminating the landfill waste associated with paper or multi-ply plastic bags. Each individual Bean Cellar has a one way silicone dome valve designed to release any accumulated CO2 which naturally occurs as part of the out gassing process.


The storage capacity of the Bean Cellar is approximately 24g to 30g depending on the type of bean and roast. With an outside diameter a little over 33mm and with a height of 125mm, the Bean Cellar can hold enough coffee for a high dose shot.


A quick twist and pull should be used to remove the cap, with a similar twist and push motion to replace it on the body. Using this method ensures no beans are jostled loose when removing the cap and also keeps the O-ring seated snugly.

We recommend an occasional cleaning of the tubes and caps with a damp cloth. For a more through cleaning, the Cellars may be immersed in warm soapy water or run through the dishwasher.

The PTFE coated Viton O-rings on the tubes maintain a tight seal, and require very little maintenance. An occasional light wipe of the O-rings with a food grade mineral oil keep the caps lubricated and easy to remove from the tube. We recommend oiling the O-rings after running through the dishwasher or immersing in water. On rare occasion a silicone dome valve may become stuck, a gentle poke with a blunt toothpick lubricated with mineral oil will re-open the valve.